Golf in Southern Utah

Southern Utah is anointed the
“Golf Mecca”

Here in Southern Utah, the seasons are changing. Cool winds replace the scorching summer heat, and winter is almost upon us. The leaves have changed colors and are starting to fall, and Christmas lights are going up around the city. But one thing that remains constant year-round? Golf. One of the very few places that makes playing golf in the winter bearable, Southern Utah has been named by Golf Digest a “golf mecca”.

The first golf course was the Dixie Red Hills Golf Club. It opened its doors in 1989 with Johnny Miller, Utah’s then most famous tour pro and a BYU alumni, playing an exhibition match. About 30 years later Southern Utah is the home to 14 golf courses, and that number continues to grow.

Dixie Red Hills Golf Club

Southern Utah is ideal for golf because of several factors: elevation, lack-of-winter, and pricing. Whitten wrote:

Southern Utah is a golf mecca that has yet to be fully explored. The high altitude provides for thinner air, drier conditions and lots of carry and fairway roll. The area is playable much of the winter, and the prices are a fraction of Phoenix or Vegas. What’s more, that glorious backdrop of slanted rock that stretches across the horizon of every course is called the Pine Valley Mountains.

Ron Whitten – Golf Digest

The iconic Red Rock of Southern Utah paints a beautiful backdrop to most golf courses here. Locals of Southern Utah are accustomed to seeing the red rocks and sands every day but for the rest of the world, the deep and glorious red hills and bluffs are a magnificent sight. Because of this, Sand Hollow Golf Club was named the most beautiful public golf course by Beautiful Now.

Southern Utah is always innovating

While southern Utah is blessed with an amazing landscape, golf clubs are not standing idly by. Just last month, St. George Mayor Jon Pike and the city counsel approved an almost $1M bid to begin renovation on the Dixie Red Hills clubhouse, the eldest golf course in the area. Mayor Pike described it as a “good investment”.

An artist’s rendition of the new clubhouse at Dixie Red Hills Golf Course in St. George, Utah

Southern Utah offers many reasons to move and golf is just one of them.