Man Caves, RV & Hobby Garages

The idea of a man cave has been around for many years. What started out as using an extra space in a house i.e. a basement, attic, or garage, has evolved into fully customizable separate spaces specifically for men and their manly hobbies.

Back in 1992 a very popular book called “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”, was the first recorded use of the term ‘man cave’. The author wrote about how a man retreats to his ‘cave’ to mull over a problem, and solve it. If he can’t solve it, then he ends up doing something to forget about the problem like reading a newspaper or playing a game. Back in 1992, man cave was a loose term that basically meant an unused or undefined space such as a basement, office space, attic, or part of a garage.

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Before 1992, men were using male-only clubs or gentlemen’s clubs as their retreat away from women and children. But because society has pretty much done away with these male-only public spaces, there has been an increase in male-only spaces in the home. Another idea is that because gender equality in the workplace and in academics has risen, spaces where men used to dominate, men have more desperately sought out specific spaces where they are free to just be men without the disapproving eyes and facial expressions of women.

Because a home is most commonly designed and run by women, this idea of a man cave is so intriguing for most men. A space where (in theory) men have full creative and design control, men are jumping at the chance to display their collectibles that don’t quite coordinate with their wives’ decor. What male wouldn’t want a space where they can do whatever they want, wear whatever they want, say whatever they want, all without a woman rolling her eyes or sighing in disbelief?

Now almost 27 years later from the first idea of a man cave, they have fully evolved into a whole new idea – as not just an afterthought in a home but as a specific, defined space. They have even evolved from being just a room in a house to a whole extra added on space or even separate space designed by men themselves.

What you once thought was just a musty, dark, unorganized and uninviting space is now a garage on steroids. ‘Hobby garages’ are becoming increasingly popular and has a much more inviting connotation than just ‘man cave’. If you have the money to spend on a hobby garage, they can be just as stylish and modern as the home itself. Now fully customizable, you can have a kitchen or even a full bathroom in your man cave. Or maybe you’d just like a lounge space to watch the game in peace? Now, it’s doable with companies that specialize in building these custom spaces. The possibilities are endless!

What would you put in your dream man cave?

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